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I’m happy, I’m healthy, I feel terrific!

Life can really get us down.  I have been told that researchers have determined that 66% of our thoughts about ourselves each and every day, are negative.  These negative thoughts begin the moment we wake.  How do we overcome that?  The Pursuit of Happiness, a book written by David Meyers, is a compilation of studies Continue Reading

Thank You

This past Friday, each runner received a small smoothie from the Smoothie Factory here in Elmhurst.  Kids were excited; I was excited.  Since my job was to supervise groups 1 and 2 on the path for their 75 minute run, I was not present for smoothie distribution.  While sipping this luscious treat, curiosity caused me Continue Reading

Why do we run?

We are now into our second week of summer camp.  For some it is their first taste of distance running.  For others it is an opportunity to do something they love with a large number of their peers.  For others it is the start of a journey that they believe will end in December at Continue Reading

Track Time

Today was the first day we ran a timed workout on the track.  The 5/6 graders now have an official mile time providing them with a mark to improve upon by the end of the summer.  Their effort was fantastic and I look forward to charting their progress.  The 7/8 graders ran a pace changing Continue Reading

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