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June 30, 2011

Great Effort

Today I posted on the workout board: “Challenge yourself today.”  That is exactly what happened.  Today the grade school kids were timed for 1600 meters.  The first to cross the line was a 6th grade boy in 5:48!  He was 20 seconds faster than when we did this 3 weeks ago.  The greatest improvement was a by a 6th grade girl who three weeks ago ran 9:08 and today ran 7:41!  Every single grade school runner ran faster today than they did three weeks ago!

Group 1 in the HS group had 6 guys average between 5:08 ad 5:11 for 4 X 1600.  Group 2 was an army and many averaged in the 5:20s.  Once the athletes who are recovering from the end of their extended track season join group one and two, the strength in numbers will really be evident.

Prior to practice for the past week I have emphasized how powerful the mind is.  Animals can be conditioned to believe that they can no longer do things that they should be able to do.  Humans do this as well.  We place limits on ourselves by creating our own limitations. But it also works in reverse.  We can talk ourselves into doing things that we once thought were impossible.

Today was an example of our ability to reach new levels of performance.  Excellent job!

Today’s trivia question:

To help promote a positive attitude from the moment one wakes up, I gave each athlete a homework assignment.  What was the assignment?   You must submit the entire phrase.  The first two respondents will receive a dry fit shirt form the Great American Cross Country Festival.

See you tomorrow.

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