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July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

It’s a beautiful day in Elmhurst.  The morning began with a hard run at the 4 on the 4th in 21:00.  Then off to camp to meet with the kids who stayed in town and we ran 20-50 minutes.  I passed out a large number of t-shirts left over from camps and meets of the past.  Everyone likes a nice shirt at a great price – FREE!

Yesterday, while walking downtown on Michigan Avenue, a vagrant attempted to take my wife’s fanny pack.  I know what you are thinking, it is not that big and it probably has some trendy European name other than fanny pack, but that’s what I know it to be.  Upon writing this, my wife has informed me that it is an iFitness bag and is sleek in nature.  A fanny pack conjures up images of large neon bags women wore in the 80’s.  This is NOT THAT.  Anyway, the vagrant was unsuccessful and acted as if it was a simple mistake whereby two people bump into each other on a crowded sidewalk, and he walked away.  My wife brought the incident to my attention and I quickly flagged down a police vehicle, whose occupants also observed the crime, and the chase was on.  The man was easily caught and subdued.  Apparently, he had made similar attempts throughout the day.

While we waited for the paddy wagon to claim the offender, a number of thoughts ran through my mind.  One was my assumption, that on this day,with so many people and police officers out and about, that we were safe.  I then began to think about how quickly the police, and in this case the S.W.A.T. team, arrived. I am very grateful for their presence and willingness to protect the public.  I also thought about how fun it would have been to chase the offender, but immediately  wondered what would happen at the end of the chase – I am glad that I did not try to do someone else’s job.  Once the offender was hauled away, we thanked the S.W.A.T. team and asked if they would pose for a picture with the kids.  They obliged and then went back to work.

On this 4th of July, I am grateful for all the men and women who protect us, both at home and abroad.  Life would be very different without their service.

Thank you,

Charlie Kern, Proud American Citizen

Trivia:  I became a US citizen at birth.  Those born in another country have to go through a process to become American citizens.  How many people became naturalized citizens in 2010?

The first person to respond will receive a prize.

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