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September 12, 2011

Starky is the Man!

Andrew Starykowicz accomplished something today that we never dreamed would happen.  He has spent his entire triathlon career seeking fame, glory and victories at the Olympic distance.  He has competed in Half Irons, was a force on the bike, but unable to sustain a lead in the run.  Today he competed in his first full Ironman at Cedar Point.  His swim was incredible – 48 minutes for 2.4 miles.  He then biked 112 miles in 4:25:54 (25.27 mph)!  He was winning after the bike and began running the marathon.  Andrew was caught and passed in the first few miles.  At 12 miles he was down by 4 minutes.  By mile 15 he caught the leader and never looked back.  His remarkable day ended with a 3:10 marathon!!!  He ran fastest at the end and covered the last 9.2 miles in an average mile pace of 6:53!  The excitement in my house was so great it had to have been felt in Sandusky, OH.  What makes this story even more remarkable is that Andrew decided to run the race last Sunday!  His performance is indicative of his will and determination.  Last year he crashed and tore his PCL and earlier this year he cut his foot, requiring 11 stitches.  He was in amazing shape both times, but was unable to demonstrate it.  Today he demonstrated that he is the Man!

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