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June 21, 2011


Success is defined in Webster’s dictionary as – a favorable or desired outcome.  Sometimes there is nothing that we won’t do to achieve the desired outcome.  Athletes ranging from cyclists to football players have consumed and injected illegal substances to achieve the desired outcome.

This past weekend I was in Greensboro, NC and I observed many athletes who experienced a favorable outcome.  Unfortunately, the group of athletes I was with did not leave with the desired outcome.  I was disappointed, not in them, but for them.  I so wanted them, especially the seniors, to end the weekend on a high note.

When we met back in the hotel room for one final meeting, I shared my feelings. Their displeasure with the outcome was obvious, but they maintained their dignity. I was proud of them. The conversation then moved on and I was asked questions about my various life experiences.  Popular movies were quoted, reminiscing occurred, laughs were shared and through it all solemn young men became vibrant, energetic and quite boisterous!

The definition of success – a favorable or desired outcome.  It was great to spend a weekend with 11 successful young men.

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