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June 15, 2011

Talk, Talk

My Italian immigrant grandfather-in-law used to say, “Talk, talk and never get so smart!”  I am not sure exactly what he meant, but I think he just wanted people to be quiet.  I would not be considered the most social person in my house, that title goes to my son Ethan, but I do enjoy a good conversation, in particular the listening part.  I find a good storyteller fascinating and try to glean tips ranging from voice inflection to facial expressions.  A good story can inspire us to maximize our potential or trigger our emotions causing us to reach out to those in need.  Some people talk about their hopes and aspirations and you find yourself wishing you were present when the dream comes true.  As a coach, I have heard countless people talk about their dreams and have reached a conclusion.  This conclusion is best summed up with a quotation I remember from childhood, “Talk is cheap and dirt is free, don’t tell me, show me.”  What are your running dreams?  How bad do you want them?  Will you give the appropriate effort?  Will you stretch, perform the hip routine, eat right and get the proper amount of sleep?  Tell me, because I like to hear all about it. But don’t just tell me, show me.

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