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June 18, 2012

Track Time

Today was the first day we ran a timed workout on the track.  The 5/6 graders now have an official mile time providing them with a mark to improve upon by the end of the summer.  Their effort was fantastic and I look forward to charting their progress.  The 7/8 graders ran a pace changing workout.  It is rare that a race is run with even pacing.  This group had the opportunity to gain running strength and stamina by running faster when on the straights and easy when running the curve. The HSers had their first crack at a York summer staple – 400s with a minute rest.  Since today was our first day on the track, the emphasis was on completing the volume, sticking together and running at a challenging pace.  There were 15 who completed 15 400s in 76 or better.   It was exciting for me to watch everyone run with purpose and determination.

Today’s efforts were remarkable and that leads me to the first trivia question.  A Fleet Feet Sports water bottle will be given to the first three campers with the correct answer.  Who was the first woman to win 4 gold medals in a single Olympics?  Send your response to: cta.runningcamp@gmail.com

Good luck!

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