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June 20, 2012

Why do we run?

We are now into our second week of summer camp.  For some it is their first taste of distance running.  For others it is an opportunity to do something they love with a large number of their peers.  For others it is the start of a journey that they believe will end in December at the Nike National Cross Country Championship.  There are 6 enrollees in camp who have made the trip to Portland for this meet.  The athletes are treated like rock stars, an experience that is very rare for those whose sport is often misunderstood and thought to include skis.

The summer, for those who dream of representing KROY, is unlike the typical summer of a HS aged boy or girl.  Those who have qualified for this meet know the sacrifices that must be made; saying no to activities, foods, and mischief that typical teenagers embrace is no easy task.   However, the reward is a memorable moment that only 308 American boys and girls will be able to experience.  Is it worth it?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Today’s trivia question.  Name the only boys HS school represented at every Nike National Championship.  The first three respondents (to cta.runningcamp@gmail.com) from summer camp will win a giveaway.

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